How To Add Video Layer Option In KineMaster

KineMaster is now so popular and most uses Android video editor application. But you will not get all the features of this app until purchase it. And if you need the pro features for free, then you have to do something on this app.

Anyway, you must have a rooted Android device before enable the video layer on your KineMaster apk. Cause, default Android users get limitation from the authority. And with the rooted phone you will get more power.

If you have no root device then should root Android phone. By the way, let’s see how to add layer.
  1. Open your Root browser and find the “Video Layer Script” file or you can find this file on the SD Card > Download folder. Just simply copy it.
  2. After copy, go back the folder and open “Data” folder.
  3. Now try to find the “” file the folder. If you find it then open it.
  4. Again, try to find the “shared prefs” folder by scrolling.
  5. Paste the “Video layer file” which you copied before. After that work, it will ask you to overwrite. Forget it and click “Ok” option.
Congratulation, you’ve successfully add video layer in the apk. You can open this video editor application from your phone screen and editing videos with the video layer.

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